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Talk to a store manager for pricing details https://t.co/WEnRMIYF77 pic.twitter.com/H2W5IgEznK RadioShack, which generated nearly $6.3 billion in revenue at the company's peak in 1996, saw sales sputter to under $3.5 billion less than two decades later as it failed to respond to the migration of consumer spending to online channels like Amazon.com (amzn) . Electronics were one of the earliest consumer product categories to sell strongly online, resulting in price transparency that made it hard for physical retailers to compete. Best Buy (bby) has done a better job innovating to stay competitive, partly because it has focused on services to help it differentiate from the crowd. But RadioShack, which operated over 7,300 stores at the company's peak, will now only have 570 stores in total after the Memorial Day weekend closures. The press release it issued ahead of the weekend was equally bleak: "We all remember coming into RadioShack whether it was for the battery-of-the-month, new walkie-talkies, or to check out the newest RC toy cars. Many of these nostalgic items will be up for auction over the next 30 days." Holiday Shopping This retailer is taking (somewhat of) a stand against Black Friday shopping madness RadioShack isn't the only well-known name that's been stung by the shift in consumer spending on online rivals. Payless, Wet Seal and The Limited are among the names that have sought court protection in 2017. Hundreds of stores are shuttering this year. Not all of those retailers are employing the same social media strategy that RadioShack is using as it announced a fire sale.

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