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Sean Spicer banned TV cameras. Again. So we annotated his briefing. Again.

MR. SPICER: I think right now he’s, as I mentioned, very supportive of the Senate bill. Let’s get that passed, and then, obviously, we’ll go to conference. And so there’s elements of the Senate bill that he’s very pleased with, but let’s — our goal is to work through the process, get it passed through the Senate, and then have that discussion in conference. Q    And let me ask you — comments that you made this morning. You talked about — you were asked about the strategy and you talked about how several high-level people ข่าวด่วน มติชน within the administration have been provided technical assistance, working with members and Senate leadership to ask — or to talk, rather, about additional changes that might be necessary. I’m curious as to what those — specifically what those additional changes in the Senate bill that you view might indeed be necessary. I think you’ve got four Republican senators in particular that have expressed — each one of them has concerns, and in order to get over 50 votes we’re going to — we’ll listen to them and to others that will help strengthen the bill and get us to that point. But that’s — part of that — that’s part of the process.

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You’re digging in on “mine” instead of yielding to “ours.” A decision to take turns would only formalize a “mine” mind-set, and two parents can’t afford to serve ego above their partnership or their children’s well-being. When you truly believe your co-parent’s way is wrong, as in, somehow unprincipled or harmful, then choosing not to back down would be a matter of principle, not ego. But even then, you’d still do well to find a reputable parenting class, and seek counseling with a good marriage and family therapist. If there isn’t a good class near you, then check out Parent Encouragement Program, which is moving some classes online: . Re: Different Styles: My parents were slightly worse in that there was an ego at stake for one of them. It got to the point that one would deliberately issue contradictory directives to get under the other one’s skin. By the time I was a teenager, I learned to play them off each other so well that neither one noticed I had regular sleepovers with my best friend on school nights and I got to hide other bad behavior. Please do deal with this soon or your kids will play you like a full symphony. Anonymous: Good point, thanks — kids grasp this stuff years before their adults think they do. Best to rein it in before a mere “asking Dad because Mom said no” starts to sound quaint.

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